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    Beauty within Grace

    Date posted: May 16, 2022

    Look for the moments of serenity during times of hopelessness or despair. It is in the witnessing of dawn or dusk that these can be found; and we can use this to reset our state of mind at the beginning or end of a day, by taking time to reconnect to that which is greater than ourselves. It is in this space that we can set our intentions on the beauty and grace of replenishing our soul.

    All of our journeys bring us to crossroads, and we each have the opportunity to contract or expand within the situation. Moments of disappointment or heartbreak may penetrate our visions of the future, but we must maintain faith that these experiences are assisting us along our path to our highest essence. Even when all is not hopeful, there is grace that surrounds every circumstance.

    It may be in a stranger’s listening ear, or a loved one’s selfless action, or the perfect dream that brings comfort and direction, or hope may bubble up when a butterfly flutters by and you witness the true beauty of the moment.

    The signs are there when we approach life with an open heart. The guidance is given when we knock on the doors of what we envision. There is an ebb and flow to our journey, and when we listen to the universal guidance, we can ride life’s rhythm. We need only to approach all things with grace to see the beauty that resides in the situation.

    Let us place our intentions on consciously maintaining a state of grace and finding the beauty in the world around us. Let us remember that the Universe will always show us the path to BEAUTY WITHIN the GRACE. We only have to remain open to the guidance and bring the hope to each thought, every conversation, and in all of our conscious actions.

    Kim Christin

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG and Makeup & Hair by @beautybykimkim