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    Kim Christin

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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: February 19, 2021

    Daily Intention… GUIDE

    Let us be open to the Universe serving as our GUIDE toward a better tomorrow.

    Let us observe the sun that rises in the sky, giving light to the world around us; may we learn from its example and freely share our light with the world.

    Let us regard the rain that falls to nourish the earth, sustain life and stimulate growth; may you and I be like the rain, nourishing our essence and sharing ourselves with the world.

    Let us also take note of the tree that sways in the wind, giving in to the elements, rooted and stable deep within the earth; may you and I be as the tree swaying with the world around us, yet anchored in our love for ourselves and one another.

    This planet upon which we dwell serves as a constant GUIDE, providing examples each and every day of not only how to live, but how to thrive as we make this journey.

    Let us be open to the guidance and the wisdom, which the Universe provides to me in all that I witness.

    Be thy Light…

    💫 ❤️ 🙏Blessings of wisdom are sent to you today. May you be open to the Universe and all that it provides to GUIDE and support you. You are so loved my friend. 🙏 ❤️ 💫

    Image captured by Morguefile Photo. 💫 🌟 💫


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