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    Kim Christin

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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: March 21, 2019

    Daily Intention… MASTERPIECE
    You and I have this lifetime to create our one and only MASTERPIECE. We have the opportunity to leave a legacy of love, kindness, hope, joy, compassion, and all the goodness that is within our hearts.
    Each of us is born with a blank canvas, and we create our unique journey with the experiences of colors, music, relationships, words, and actions.
    What each of us has in common is our limited amount of time upon this planet and within these miracle bodies. Let us embrace the life that we know deep within our hearts we should be living.
    Our dreams are not our neighbors’ or our parents’; they are unique to each of us. No one will live this life and give back to this experience as you and I.
    When we are not fulfilling the dreams, deep within our souls we know that we are not walking our unique and abundant path. Let us stay true to ourselves and create the MASTERPIECE that we came here to share with the world.
    The essence of who we are is beckoning to shine into the MASTERPIECE that is you and me!
    Be thy Light…

    ????❤️????Blessings of courage are sent to you today. May you awaken to the opportunities to create your unique MASTERPIECE. ????❤️????

    Image captured by Steve McCall. ????????????

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