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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: July 6, 2019

    Daily Intention… PERSPECTIVE
    The PERSPECTIVE of how we perceive situations, others, and ourselves determines if we see the world with a positive or negative outlook.
    Depending on whether our veil of perception is colored with compassion or with judgment, we experience feelings of either hope or hopelessness.
    In the moments when our energy begins to wane and we feel the light within us dim, let us choose to do something to shift our PERSPECTIVE; such as climb, drive, or walk to a place of elevation, high above the normal view.
    Take some time to look out across a landscape where the homes appear tiny, and the city is at a distance; the sky is nearer and the air clearer in this place.
    This change in vantage point will assist in putting life back into PERSPECTIVE, and renew our faith that we are each part of a beautiful world that is all connected.
    Let us take a deep breath in acknowledgment that the Universe with support and abounding love surrounds us.
    Be thy Light…

    ????❤️????Blessings of Hope are sent to you today. May your PERSPECTIVE be through a veil of compassion and unconditional love. ????❤️????

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