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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: July 9, 2019

    Daily Intention… RECEPTIVE
    In each of our lives we witness and experience difficult moments, we tend to resist the contrast as it rolls in, fighting against the current or the storm that has entered our world.
    Let us witness the tree that effortlessly sways in rhythm, RECEPTIVE to that which it cannot control.
    The tree does not resist as the rain begins to fall upon it; it takes in the moisture through the leaves of its branches and through the roots that give it stability.
    Let us witness the object in a creek; it does not fight the current but flows freely in the water, not knowing where it will go, but trusting in the journey.
    Let us be an observer in life and learn from one of our greatest teachers; nature.
    There is never resistance, only a RECEPTIVE energy to what the external forces bring. Even in the heaviest of storms, new growth will appear with the warmth of the sun.
    You and I will experience more beauty and power, more giving and taking, of all that is available from life, when we greet the storms with a RECEPTIVE and trusting heart.
    Be thy Light…

    ????❤️????Blessings of Flow are sent to you today. May you be RECEPTIVE to the inner guidance of the Universe… walking in faith that all is as it should be unfolding.????❤️????

    Image captured by Tim Chinn. ????????????

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