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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: September 10, 2019

    Daily Intention… ACHIEVING
    In our individual journeys we often go through phases where we think that our dreams are unachievable. It is not uncommon to even allow a dream to die because of the fearful thoughts that take the joy of dreaming away from us.
    When our dreams die and do not come to fruition, they do not find a new home; they live as lingering ghosts within us. So today, let us water and fertilize the dreams that reside within.
    Let us give ourselves a pep talk with loving words to encourage the creativity to flow. Let us think about the joy of ACHIEVING those dreams once again.
    Through our thoughts, our actions, and the desire that lives within us, each of our dreams will evolve with the energy that we place in them.
    We do not have to know the how of ACHIEVING our dreams for that is completed perfectly by the Universe. Let us renew our passion today, for we are capable of ACHIEVING all that we envision.
    Be thy Light…

    ????????????Blessings of Knowing are sent to you today. May your actions be set into an ACHIEVING motion of Light, love and compassion for all. ????????????

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