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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: December 10, 2019

    Daily Intention… ADVENTURE
    Let us look at life as an ADVENTURE, embarking on life’s journey with the enthusiasm of a child. Let us explore and ask questions about what you and I see or hear.
    Our life should not be a monotonous undertaking, but one to embrace with excitement for the things, places, and people that we have yet to discover.
    An ADVENTURE does not have to be to a foreign land or across vast distances; it can be to the neighborhood park, exploring a new place, or attending an event.
    Let us renew the energy within us by expanding our hearts to the endless possibilities of something new; stretching our minds to touch the hope of our souls; creating situations that will bring more enthusiasm, excitement, and expansion of our personal journey.
    Embrace and create the ADVENTURE that is awaiting our discovery.
    Be thy Light…
    ????❤️????Blessings of courage are sent to you today. May you step out of your comfort zone and create a life filled with ADVENTURE.????❤️????

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