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BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    Kim Christin

    Inspiring and Supporting others to discover their inner well-being.

    Daily Intention

    Date posted: March 4, 2020

    Daily Intention… INFINITELY

    Everything that we do, say, or think has an energy that goes out into the world. The energy that you and I put forth, consciously or unconsciously, reflects back upon our journey.
    The energy is INFINITELY powerful with or without this understanding.
    It is as if each of us is a pool of water capable of reflecting love or hate, joy or sadness, grace or anger, out into the Universe. Let us be a shimmering pool of light and love.
    Just as darkness dispels when flooded with light, the hatred that we see in our world cannot survive when we surround it in love. It is INFINITELY impossible for darkness to overcome light; only light overcomes darkness.
    May we be a shimmering pool of light that reflects all that is good, gracious, and kind, INFINITELY being a blessing upon the world around us.
    Be thy Light…

    ???? ❤️ ????Blessings of wisdom are sent to you today. May you shine your Light INFINITELY for all to witness your unique brilliance that you came here to share. ???? ❤️ ????

    Image captured by Tim Chinn. ???? ???? ????



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