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I want to teach you to BE a transformative Creator, empower your creative genius, and master your creativity.

In my weekly correspondence, I share the tools that will bring your creative projects to the finish line.

BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    Kim Christin

    Inspiring and Supporting others to discover their inner well-being.

    Daily Intention

    Date posted: June 15, 2020

    Daily Intention… INTENTIONS

    Our INTENTIONS for today and tomorrow, no matter how big or small, are supported by the Universe.

    When we focus on our desires and the passion that is within our hearts, synchronicities manifest, doors begin to open, and the love that surrounds us becomes more apparent.

    The purpose of this very moment – the destiny that you and I are fulfilling each and every day – is a reflection of our highest INTENTIONS.

    The fulfillment of our destiny is supported by the love within our hearts and that we send out into the world and now is our opportunity; to be the driver, the sailor, the rider, and the creator of that destiny.

    Today let us set our INTENTIONS high and ride upon the wave of love that awaits us.

    Be thy Light…

    ???? ❤️ ????Blessings of Clarity are sent to you today. May your INTENTIONS be clear as you speak words and take actions in the world today. ???? ❤️ ????

    Image captured by Tim Chinn. ???? ???? ????


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