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    Kim Christin

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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: July 8, 2020

    Daily Intention… BLOSSOMS

    The vision of the tree through the window, laden with heavy BLOSSOMS, brings continuous joy to butterflies, bees, and you and me.

    The silver-grey of the tree’s trunk has a look of strength and longevity, while the mahogany-rose branches glisten in the sun, swaying in the warm breeze.

    The seasons in life and the relationships encountered, provide lessons for us to witness, as does each season in nature.

    These are the BLOSSOMS in life from which, with our efforts and energy, the potential fruit will come.

    By centering with the essence of who we are, life’s more challenging moments become tolerable. We learn to have flexibility in the dance of life.

    Let us allow for the seasons of the journey to lead and assist us by being in-tune to the Universal guidance, allowing for the lessons of the BLOSSOMS to bring more joy into our world.

    Be thy Light…

    ???? ❤️ ????Blessings of Joy are sent to you today. May you witness the beauty of life’s manifestations from planting seeds to smelling the BLOSSOMS with all of your dreams. ???? ❤️ ????

    Image captured by Tim Chinn. ???? ???? ????


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