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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: August 7, 2020

    Daily Intention… INTERPRETER

    Today, as we witness the actions of others, let us see them through a filter of love and compassion. Let us not be the judge that gives criticism through our thoughts or our words.

    Let us see the behavior, not through the ego, but as a moment in time that quickly passes. It is only a fleeting moment that appears as a reflection upon the water.

    Let us not absorb, nor take the moment into our beings, pondering the whys or hows.

    Let us instead be an INTERPRETER, who sees things as the water does – a mere reflection – realizing that this moment is not ours to judge or control.

    We are the INTERPRETER of the life we are living, reflecting the light of who we are out into the world.

    As an INTERPRETER, let us choose to see things with love and compassion always

    Be thy Light…

    💫 ❤️ 🙏Blessings of Wisdom are sent to you today. May you be an INTERPRETER of love and compassion in all that you see. 🙏 ❤️ 💫

    Image captured by Morguefile Photo. 💫 🌟 💫


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