I’ve learned how to BE a Courageous Creator.

I want to teach you to BE a transformative Creator, empower your creative genius, and master your creativity.

In my weekly correspondence, I share the tools that will bring your creative projects to the finish line.

BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    Kim Christin

    Inspiring and Supporting others to discover their inner well-being.

    Daily Intention

    Date posted: August 31, 2020

    Daily Intention… REJUVENATE

    You and I REJUVENATE the spirit of who we are with our decisions every day.

    By taking care of the needs of our mind and body, we will REJUVENATE our soul’s mission to fulfill our dreams. Let us remember to breathe in the love as stress knocks upon the door.

    Let us drink water to hydrate our body to function at its best.

    Let us sit in silence and be present and grateful for the moment that we have been given. Let us choose to REJUVENATE our mind and body, and to stay in tune with our soul, taking in this moment of being fully present.

    Be thy Light…

    💫 🧡 🙏Blessings of Well-being are sent to you today. May you REJUVENATE your mind, body and spirit with the choices that you make in every moment. 🙏 🧡 💫

    Image captured by Morguefile Photo. 💫 🌟 💫


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