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    Kim Christin

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    Daily Intention

    Date posted: October 8, 2020

    Daily Intention… FAVORITE

    We all have a FAVORITE place where we feel at peace with everything around us. Where life is brighter and with more hope than just moments before we arrived.

    In this place we can be ourselves and talk about our hopes for tomorrow, but also feel safe to mention our fears and doubts.

    It is a safe place where you and I are loved and supported. That FAVORITE place may not be a physical space, but may instead be in the company of certain individuals who we treasure.

    It may be a place of quiet and serenity where we are surrounded by nature in all its beauty. Let us go to this FAVORITE place for just a moment to experience it once again.

    Let us sit in silence, recalling the smells and how things felt to the touch of our fingers. Let us take a deep breath and feel the emotions that instantly arise when we return to this place.

    Be thy Light…

    💫 ❤️ 🙏Blessings of remembrance are sent to you today. May you find your FAVORITE place that will bring you many moments of serenity. 🙏 ❤️ 💫

    Image captured by Morguefile Photo. 💫 🌟 💫


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