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    Destiny Rising ~ March-III

    Date posted: March 28, 2022

    It is crucial to our journey to feel all emotions fully. You and I accomplish this by being in the present moment.

    For instance, when laughter and happiness surround the moment; move into that, not fearing when it will end or how one can make it continue.

    It is the same for the painful moments. One must feel the sadness, cry the tears, and allow the disappointment or anger to flow through them completely.

    If we allow time to work its wonders, it can shift pain into a deeper understanding of our journey and ultimately we will be on the other side of the pain instead of sitting in the suffering of that which we can’t control.

    You and I are unique beings having a one of a kind experience. Therefore, what we create in this life will be like no other. There is so much that we cannot control in life but we can control our reaction to the experience.

    The way you and I think and place our words together or share our gifts with the world with others is an opportunity to bring more love and compassion to each situation.

    There is always the choice of adding more kindness in each conversation. We can make conscious decisions to support that which aligns with our values.

    It truly begins every day with you and me creating and narrating our life’s story. It is through a conscious realization that we must awaken and recognize the power of our actions. Let us persevere into the highest version of ourselves to create our RISING DESTINY.

    Your journey is important, significant, and worthy of all that you came here to do.

    Kim Christin

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG and Makeup & Hair by @beautybykimkim IG