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    Kim Christin

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    Freedom Empowered ~ April II

    Date posted: April 11, 2022

    It is when we begin to live a life of compassion that our hearts expand, genuinely being able to see and receive one another’s truth.

    When each of us consciously choose to love without conditions, we improve our human experience as well as others.

    Acceptance awakens our journey to more love; judgment only hinders our connection to all we are witnessing. Let us remember that we are all connected. We are One. .A world of compassion and unity is the world we are capable of creating: one moment, day, and year at a time. We have the ability to create peace within ourselves that ultimately creates peace within the world. This brings EMPOWERED FREEDOM for all.

    We begin by loving ourselves unconditionally and sharing that same compassion with everyone around us. EMPOWERED FREEDOM comes from healing your wounds of yesterday to then being able to assist others in healing theirs. The journey to BIG love begins within each of us.

    Kim Christin

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG and Makeup & Hair by @beautybykimkim IG