I’ve learned how to BE a Courageous Creator.

I want to teach you to BE a transformative Creator, empower your creative genius, and master your creativity.

In my weekly correspondence, I share the tools that will bring your creative projects to the finish line.

BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    Kim Christin

    Inspiring and Supporting others to discover their inner well-being.



    Beauty within Grace

    May 16, 2022

    Look for the moments of serenity during times of hopelessness or despair. It is in the witnessing of dawn or dusk that these can be found; and we can use this to reset our state of mind at the beginning or end of a day, by taking time to reconnect to that which is greater than ourselves. It is in this space that we can set our intentions on the beauty and grace of replenishing our soul.

    All of our journeys bring us to crossroads, and we each have the opportunity to contract or expand within the situation. Moments of disappointment or heartbreak may penetrate our visions of the future, but we must maintain faith that these experiences are assisting us along our path to our highest essence. Even when all is not hopeful, there is grace that surrounds every circumstance.

    It may be in a stranger’s listening ear, or a loved one’s selfless action, or the perfect dream that brings comfort and direction, or hope may bubble up when a butterfly flutters by and you witness the true beauty of the moment.

    The signs are there when we approach life with an open heart. The guidance is given when we knock on the doors of what we envision. There is an ebb and flow to our journey, and when we listen to the universal guidance, we can ride life’s rhythm. We need only to approach all things with grace to see the beauty that resides in the situation.

    Let us place our intentions on consciously maintaining a state of grace and finding the beauty in the world around us. Let us remember that the Universe will always show us the path to BEAUTY WITHIN the GRACE. We only have to remain open to the guidance and bring the hope to each thought, every conversation, and in all of our conscious actions.

    Kim Christin

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    Resilient Faith ~ May II

    May 9, 2022

    One of the things that I love about growing older is my deep belief in that which is greater than myself. Each year I become more and more aware that life is not just random chaos and my faith strengthens through life’s experiences.

    Faith has accompanied my journey from the age of seven. It has been an ebb and flow relationship but even when I lost all hope. Time and time again, I have been guided through difficult moments.

    When one loses their faith, in my experience, it is because there is no hope and a cynicism penetrates all thoughts, words, and actions. This negativity only leads to our inner Light becoming dim, masked with such deep sadness and hopelessness.

    How does one build a faith of resilience? Why do some individuals go through such devastating circumstances and become stronger while others lose their belief systems?

    It appears that hope and faith go hand in hand. If one cannot find their hope, the foundation begins to crumble.

    I now look for the miracles that may not be the outcome I desire but for the love that surrounds even the most difficult circumstances. It may be the kindness of a stranger or a butterfly that sits with you or a dream with a clear message that all is well. These are life’s miracle moments and the timing is always impeccable.

    When we learn to hold onto hope and faith no matter the outcome, we begin to see that we are always guided, even in the darkest hours. Let us keep our hearts open through every experience. It is only through an open heart and mind that we can move through the pain and not experience suffering.

    It is in the surrender that we can find peace once again. .Let us renew our faith into a space of resilience, allowing hope to lead the way through all circumstances into our RESILIENT FAITH.

    Kim Christin

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    Expanding Growth ~ May I

    May 2, 2022

    Life is a series of choices that create this very moment you are experiencing. If there are areas that are not ideal, it is time to make different choices to create change.

    Choose to create a life that is your masterpiece! You are always creating whether it is consciously or unconsciously. It is conscious creation that brings masterpieces to the world that touch endless lives.

    Every day we make the choice to either live our lives with a heart that is open to life’s experiences, or to build a wall around our heart to protect us from the things in life that we fear. When we choose to build the wall, each brick is placed with special care.

    These bricks may represent experiences in our past that were so painful that we were unable to move beyond them; perhaps we didn’t have the tools, knowledge, or even maturity to get to the other side of that pain. The bricks began to give us comfort and a sense of security, and even became a part of our identity.

    You are wiser now, take down the wall, for it is time to let that fear go. It is no longer serving you and the world needs the essence of all that is YOU. Deep within your soul, the fear is not allowing for you to evolve into your greatness.

    You came here to express love through your experiences, in all ways. Be open to EXPANDING GROWTH, the expansion of your heart, mind, and soul into the highest version of you. Our life cannot expand into the abundance of joy and Light if we don’t walk the path with a willingness to be open to the ebb and flow of life.

    Let us turn our faces to the sun, lift our wings to the wind, and allow ourselves to fly with an expanded heart filled with unconditional love. You and I are always supported, guided, and loved in all ways. Shine brilliantly in the world, dear one.

    Kim Christin

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    Nurturing Thy Being ~ April III

    April 25, 2022

    Be the caretaker of your life. You are the only one who knows what you need in this moment and in your unique journey. Let us take responsibility for our own well-BEing—to often, we let the demands of life take over, placing our inner peace on the back burner.

    The depletion of our physical, mental and spiritual health cannot be the continual sacrifice that we willingly give away. You and I came here to do great things, to create a masterpiece with our life, and to evolve into the highest version of ourselves.

    This cannot and will not take place when we are not in tune to our own needs or when we are out of sync with all that brings us inner peace.

    Sustaining our needs must take place on every level, from eating well and getting enough rest, to taking the time to pray and meditate, to spending time stimulating our minds by being creative.

    Each one of us is a unique being, and the activities that fill me up emotionally and spiritually may or may not bring about the same results for you.

    Let us consciously nurture ourselves with our thoughts, words, and actions. Let us allow ourselves the time and space to fall in love with our journey and all that it has to teach us. You and I must take conscious action by NURTURING THY BEING, when we learn to listen to our needs; we evolve into the best version of ourselves.

    It is when you and I feel nourished and shine brilliantly that we are assisting the whole world in raising its vibration. It is indeed our responsibility to share our essence and our unique gifts with the world.

    Kim Christin

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    Encouraging Heart ~ April II

    April 18, 2022

    Have you heard of the Overview Effect?

    It is the cognitive shift that occurs when astronauts view our blue sphere from the vast cosmos.

    One no longer sees a particular building or city as their home but views the Earth as the residence for all things and beings. The astronauts no longer saw borders or walls as necessary. They no longer focused on the differences between inhabitants but on our similarities as Earthlings.

    How can you and I gain this perspective without leaving our atmosphere?

    I believe it begins with our spiritual relationship with that which is greater than you and I. We start to see that everything is intertwined and constantly expanding and contrasting; just as we breathe in and out, so does the planet and everything on it. It is through this awakening that our actions and words become encouraging to others and ourselves.

    If each of us could shift our perspective to see the importance of unity versus division and understand that together we are stronger; we could create abundance for all inhabitants on our planet.

    When we place our intentions on consciously bringing hope and love to every minute, day, and Season our actions can empower others by ENCOURAGING THE HEART of all those we encounter.

    Kim Christin

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    Freedom Empowered ~ April II

    April 11, 2022

    It is when we begin to live a life of compassion that our hearts expand, genuinely being able to see and receive one another’s truth.

    When each of us consciously choose to love without conditions, we improve our human experience as well as others.

    Acceptance awakens our journey to more love; judgment only hinders our connection to all we are witnessing. Let us remember that we are all connected. We are One. .A world of compassion and unity is the world we are capable of creating: one moment, day, and year at a time. We have the ability to create peace within ourselves that ultimately creates peace within the world. This brings EMPOWERED FREEDOM for all.

    We begin by loving ourselves unconditionally and sharing that same compassion with everyone around us. EMPOWERED FREEDOM comes from healing your wounds of yesterday to then being able to assist others in healing theirs. The journey to BIG love begins within each of us.

    Kim Christin

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    Dreams Aligned ~April I

    April 4, 2022

    When you and I are aligned with our essence, everything appears to fall into place with such grace. Our actions no longer take great effort, but come with ease when we move with guided action.

    How do we align ourselves with that which is greater than pride or ego? How do we get out of our own way? How do we get past our fears, into the Universal flow of life?

    It begins with intention and balancing our heart, mind, body, and soul. Each of these areas, when we awaken to their guidance, will communicate to us through thoughts, ailments, coincidences, insights, and inner or outer wisdom. These nudges from the Universe can assist us in knowing how to shift our areas of focus. We just need to pay attention.

    Let us place our intentions on aligning every aspect of our being from that which we see, what we intuitively feel, and all that we believe. When you and I are in spiritual, mental, and physical balance our DREAMS become ALIGNED with the Universe.

    Kim Christin

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