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    Kim Christin

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    Nurturing Thy Being ~ April III

    Date posted: April 25, 2022

    Be the caretaker of your life. You are the only one who knows what you need in this moment and in your unique journey. Let us take responsibility for our own well-BEing—to often, we let the demands of life take over, placing our inner peace on the back burner.

    The depletion of our physical, mental and spiritual health cannot be the continual sacrifice that we willingly give away. You and I came here to do great things, to create a masterpiece with our life, and to evolve into the highest version of ourselves.

    This cannot and will not take place when we are not in tune to our own needs or when we are out of sync with all that brings us inner peace.

    Sustaining our needs must take place on every level, from eating well and getting enough rest, to taking the time to pray and meditate, to spending time stimulating our minds by being creative.

    Each one of us is a unique being, and the activities that fill me up emotionally and spiritually may or may not bring about the same results for you.

    Let us consciously nurture ourselves with our thoughts, words, and actions. Let us allow ourselves the time and space to fall in love with our journey and all that it has to teach us. You and I must take conscious action by NURTURING THY BEING, when we learn to listen to our needs; we evolve into the best version of ourselves.

    It is when you and I feel nourished and shine brilliantly that we are assisting the whole world in raising its vibration. It is indeed our responsibility to share our essence and our unique gifts with the world.

    Kim Christin

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG and Makeup & Hair by @beautybykimkim