I’ve learned how to BE a Courageous Creator.

I want to teach you to BE a transformative Creator, empower your creative genius, and master your creativity.

In my weekly correspondence, I share the tools that will bring your creative projects to the finish line.

BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    Kim Christin

    Inspiring and Supporting others to discover their inner well-being.



    365 Intentions to Inspire APP

    Begin each day with the power of intention, creating that which you came here to BE and to share with the world.

    What Intentions to Inspire can do for You:

    365 daily intentions will bring your senses into the present moment through:

    • Instrumental music to bring a relaxed state of mind;
    • Recorded words of inspiration to align your heart, mind, and soul;
    • Custom photography to bring beauty into the experience; and a
    • Daily affirmation with the powerful words of I AM to begin your day.


    Be Thy Light

    Many of us attempt to live each day in inspiration, where we awaken in a state of gratitude and hope for the day ahead. Yet time and time again, our experience is another floundering day where the plan or goal has wavered from our intent.

    Be thy Light is a day-to-day guide to help us live a life of intention. It includes 52 weekly themes and 365 daily intentions with ‘I Am’ affirmations. It illustrates various tools that each one of us can mindfully incorporate into our lives through our thoughts, words, and actions.


    In progress

    My Journey to You


    A spiritual conquest to discover the highest version of ourselves. This parable will lead the Reader back to the You-niverse.


    Coming Soon

    Historical Fiction

    Three new books are currently, “in the work”.

    • Kiss of Madagascar: The Kiss of Madagascar is a 19th-century story told during the reign of one of the most evil women in history, Queen Ranavalona.
    • Egypt’s Sacred Keeper: Neferure was born into Egyptian royalty, a daughter of two pharaohs…
    • Heart of Siam: Kamon is the last of her bloodline that walks the land of Siam.

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