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    Date posted: July 25, 2019

    Dear Ones,

    There is a saying, ‘Comparison Is the Thief of Joy’. It is a quotation from Theodore Roosevelt.

    I had always actually heard it as ‘Comparison steals your Joy’. Either way the meaning is the same.

    These Live California Oak trees in the photo, are located in our Enchanted Forest area. They are the perfect example, there is no comparison within themselves to one another.

    There is no competition… for they are stronger… together. Their branches that reach to the sky and the roots that twist and turn around each other give a space of support and strength to one another.

    Yesterday, these thoughts came to mind and I sat with them and a new inspired thought came… judgment is comparison.

    Indeed it is. So if comparison steals our joy… judgement does also.

    Yet, most of our world is filled with heavy judgment. Placing one another in boxes, ostracizing those that don’t fit in and building community with those with our sameness.

    Yet our community should be as Earthlings with all things and beings.

    And what about jealousy… yes that arises also when we judge or compare. And what about self-righteousness… yes that also appears when we judge others.

    So if ultimately humankind longs and seeks peace within the world around them… as the Oak trees live and thrive… as the petals form a flower.

    We would need to meet each individual from a heart to heart connection… and the only way to do that… is to meet them where they currently are, indifferences and all… validating all the wrongs and rights that have accompanied one another’s journey.

    It is only when we meet in this space that forgiveness overcomes all that has taken place… and that we can move into a place of unity for all.

    A space where judgment, comparison, competition, and self-righteousness have no place.

    And Love, acceptance, validation, kindness, compassion, and empathy for one another brings the peace within ourselves and out into the world around us.

    So I consciously choose to greet this day with that Remembered Wisdom and I set my intention to MANIFEST these thoughts into my actions today.

    Be thy Light… shine brightly dear ones.