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    Resilient Faith ~ May II

    Date posted: May 9, 2022

    One of the things that I love about growing older is my deep belief in that which is greater than myself. Each year I become more and more aware that life is not just random chaos and my faith strengthens through life’s experiences.

    Faith has accompanied my journey from the age of seven. It has been an ebb and flow relationship but even when I lost all hope. Time and time again, I have been guided through difficult moments.

    When one loses their faith, in my experience, it is because there is no hope and a cynicism penetrates all thoughts, words, and actions. This negativity only leads to our inner Light becoming dim, masked with such deep sadness and hopelessness.

    How does one build a faith of resilience? Why do some individuals go through such devastating circumstances and become stronger while others lose their belief systems?

    It appears that hope and faith go hand in hand. If one cannot find their hope, the foundation begins to crumble.

    I now look for the miracles that may not be the outcome I desire but for the love that surrounds even the most difficult circumstances. It may be the kindness of a stranger or a butterfly that sits with you or a dream with a clear message that all is well. These are life’s miracle moments and the timing is always impeccable.

    When we learn to hold onto hope and faith no matter the outcome, we begin to see that we are always guided, even in the darkest hours. Let us keep our hearts open through every experience. It is only through an open heart and mind that we can move through the pain and not experience suffering.

    It is in the surrender that we can find peace once again. .Let us renew our faith into a space of resilience, allowing hope to lead the way through all circumstances into our RESILIENT FAITH.

    Kim Christin

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG and Makeup & Hair by @beautybykimkim