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    March 13, 2019

    Date posted: July 12, 2020

    A wonderful way to start every day.
    This book is a wonderful way to start each and every day. The author has carefully prepared daily inspiration and affirmations, focused upon a word or simple phrase that you can carry in your mind throughout the day. There are also weekly themes to help further center your mind on acting in the world with intention. The length of text for each day is perfect to read before meditating and sets a positive tone for the whole day. Although the book is laid out in weekly and daily formats, the text doesn’t have to be read in order and the book is thoroughly indexed to make it easy to jump to a particular word that you are drawn to at any point in time and focus upon that message.

    The book is also physically beautiful, and would make a very lovely, thoughtful gift for someone wishing to incorporate a few moments of mindfulness into their day. The text is interspersed with lined pages and ample margins for recording personal reactions, thoughts and inspirations that occur while reading.

    Be Thy Light will not require a lot of your time daily, but will fill the rest of your time each day with gratitude, abundance and joy. ~B. Fuller